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This PatekPhillipe watch is one of the most expensive watches in the world-this watch sells for about 3,500,000!!

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Tag Heuer is one of the most well-known brands of luxury watches in the world, with a history of watch making that started in Switzerland during the 1860s. The brand is so esteemed that it has won many prestigious awards, was the official timekeeper for the summer Olympics in the 1920s, and is endorsed by many sports stars and celebrities. One of Tag Heuer's latest and most popular collections of watches is the Grand Carrera. All of these watches come with luxury features, but there are many variations in models that buyers should know about before making their purchase.

The Grand Carrera Watch Collection
Tag Heuer first began working on the Grand Carrera collection of watches in 2004. The collection was inspired by auto racing and was designed by Christoph Behling, who also created many other Tag Heuer watches. Compared to other Tag Heuer men's watches, the Grand Carrera collection has a very distinct sporty look rather than an elegant look. After three years of work, the Grand Carrera collection was finally released in 2007. There were originally three models of Grand Carrera watches released, but many more models have been added to the collection since then.

Throughout the Grand Carrera collection, there are some common features. For example, all of the Grand Carrera watches have faces inspired by car speedometers. Instead of the typical style of watch hands, they use dashboard-style discs. All of the Grand Carrera watches are also water-resistant to 100 meters, are certified by the Swiss Office of Chronometry, and have a double-sapphire crystal case back.

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