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Konica Minolta Digital Camera

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DiMAGE 5 represents a new standard in high-quality digital photography from Minolta. This state-of-the-art camera produces highly detailed images that provide impressive print quality. The newly developed Minolta GT lens is designed to maximize the performance of camera's CCD. This all-glass, APO (apochromatic) lens is composed of 16 elements in 13 groups. The lens features aspheric components to suppress distortion and reduce camera size, and AD (anomalous dispersion) glass to minimize chromatic aberration. A maximum f/2.8 aperture allows image capture in dim lighting conditions without the use of a flash. Quality of resolution is comparable to that of high-grade SLR lenses.CxProcess image processing technology, developed by Minolta, promotes natural color reproduction by optimizing sharpness, color balance, and noise reduction. It was developed on the concept of providing clear and excellent digital images that faithfully mirror your original impression of a scene. Natural color reproduction is further supported by camera's 12-bit A/D signal conversion, which delivers smooth color gradations and refined shadow area detail. Ultra-wide zoom for more diversified shooting, from sharp, clear close-ups to dynamic panorama shots, and flexible composition is another key benefit of the DiMAGE digital cameras. Macro mode provides clear images of small subjects positioned as close as 13cm from the front of the lens. The powerful 7x optical zoom can be adjusted as desired using the zooming ring, which permits close-up shooting of up to 40cm at any focal length. A convenient, one-touch 2x digital zoom function effectively doubles zoom range to 14x.Unlike conventional optical viewfinders, the creativity-enhancing Digital Hyper Viewfinder affords easy confirmation of various functions. Its digital effect control enables users to adjust contrast, exposure, and color saturation without resorting to image editing software and without degrading image quality. Alterations can be checked on the viewfinder or the built-in LCD prior to shooting. Digital subject program selection automatically calibrates settings to match the type of scene to be captured, whether it's a portrait, a sunset, or any of the other preset options. The Digital Hyper Viewfinder gives clear confirmation of live images even in glaring sunlight. It also yields approximately 100% field of view without parallax error, and has a 90-degree tilting mechanism that serves as a handy angle finder during tripod shooting.

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