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Nikkormat 35mm SLR

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From pajama parties to birthday bashes; capture the moments of fun and frolic with the Nikon EL2 SLR film camera. Featuring a 50mm Nikkor lens, this Nikon film camera aids in capturing subjects situated afar. Thanks to its electronic shutter with a speed range of 8- 1/1000 second, this SLR film camera captures blur-free, crisp, and sharp images. Featuring an Automatic Indexing (AI) system, this Nikon film camera is compatible with a wide range of AF Nikkor lenses, making it a versatile device. Equipped with the AW-1 Auto Winder, the Nikon EL2 camera eliminates the need to change grips to advance the film, thereby providing better control and balance even while shooting with super telephoto lenses. What’s more, this Nikon film camera’s viewfinder, with a focusing screen, consists of three types of focusing aids that facilitate bright viewing for accurate focusing under any light setting.


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